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Led Lighting & Gallery Design

Really want to turn something on? See how working with LED light can effect your colors and setting.  In 2010 Terri Fox began research into the use of LED lighting in the Museum setting.  Your options have grown substantially for displays and full gallery lighting.  I am available to consult on your lighting needs, changes and options.

Let me help you create a beautiful well lit gallery or display area. I can help you define your visitor flow, accessibility parameters and heighten visitor engagement.

Exhibition Design

The end result, something you can be proud of for months or years to come

Education interactive

Educational interactives are an integral part of the museum experience these days

Mounts, Prepartory & models

Display techniques, set building  from floor planning to presentation & installation

Graphic Design

Graphic solutions for a broad variety of projects. Substrate & printing knowledge to best convey your message, interpretive elements or branding.

LED Lighting in the

New Museum

In 2010 Terri began research into the possibilities of LED lighting and its effects on art work ...

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