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…While negotiating the details of a more complete exhibit with a Foundation in Southeast Texas which included a Botanical Garden and Fine Art Museum as well as a Performing Arts Center, this one name kept surfacing within every subsequent conversation... Terri Fox.      David Rogers, Big Bugs, Inc.

Marvelous, amazingly fine connection between education and interactivity...Elegant decisions on design of content panels... Bravo! Marquette, Smithsonian Institution Traveling Exhibition Service

Terri Fox's background in film combines with her experience in museums and other visual arts organizations to allow her an unparalleled ability to see a space and visualize how best to use it... Sirena LaBurn, Painter must be very creative and disciplined in order to round up set dressing, props and/or design and manufacture items necessary to please art directors, directors, agency and Clients.  Terri has proven herself time after time.  Holly McDonald, producer assured your strategy of using the same lighting recommendations that you used for halogens is proper and reasonable.  Jim Druzik

You've done such a marvelous job!  I truly loved the exhibits and will be back!  Best-Joan Henderson, Texas Highways Magazine

...You are to be congratulated on the excellent job you have done.  I know how valuable your time is and I do appreciate that you shared it with us.  Cordially, Karla  Autry Entertainment

I have had many opportunities to work with Terri as a colleague and have observed her performance as a preparatory, registrar and director... she has single-handedly run this complex organization with competence and efficiency.  I have talked with many people who have also worked with her and the praise is unanimous.  Lynne Lokensgard, Professor Emeritus

I've been a registrar now for thirty years, 13 at the Smithsonian, and have traveled to hundreds of museums around the world...I found your staff to rank among the best and wanted to share that with you.  Christina Schwartz, Head Registrar, SITES

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