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Asthe creative mind behind Terri Fox Art Services, I have spent the last 25+ years pursuing many aspects of the creative art industry.  I have worked with both large and small nonprofit organizations and in the for profit industries of film, music and commercial television production.  I take pride in my stewardship of various collections and joy in acting as an ambassador to the arts community.

I create environments. It is my job to create a space that enhances the visitors' engagement and ensure the story is communicated through visual aesthetics.  I accomplish this through the process of designing, building, installing and lighting exhibition spaces. I want the environments I create to engage and inspire the visitors in a learning experience. My hope is to delight and provide cultural enrichment to our communities.


Terri Fox has the breadth of a successful career bringing significant collections to the public eye. Her energy, coupled with her sensitivity to the rarity of each object she has handled, comes from a deep love of objects and fine art. She was vigilant in her project management to preserve and document the Southwest Museum’s vast collection at the Autry National Center.


She has a wonderful eye for exhibit design and presentation that only comes with the love of collections and the experience in working with Museums and their diversity of public treasures.

John L. Gray

Elizabeth MacMillan Director

Smithsonian Institution 

National Museum of American History

While negotiating the details of a more complex exhibit with a foundation in Southeast Texas which included a Botanical Garden, Fine Art Museum as well as a Performing Art Center, this one name kept surfacing within every subsequent conversation, Terri Fox...

David Rogers, artist

Big Bugs, Inc.

Terri's projects are efficiently organized, have a clear timeline and use whatever size budget she has to get the maximum visual impact, resulting in a fresh and exciting presentation...

Sirena LaBurn, artist

Colonge, Germany

Terri Fox is that rare perfectly balanced right/left brain person.  She is a true artist, creative with enviable hand skills, organized and efficient.  Terri has a strong collaborative spirit and is a natural leader.  She keeps a positive attitude, helps each team member work to their personal strengths, and works as hard as anyone, leading by example and leaving everyone feeling good about their own contributions.  Working with Terri was always a pleasure and I would recommend her without reservation.


Angela Yvarra McGrew, Object Conservator,

San Francisco Bay Area

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