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What they have to say

A visionary who marries a strong work ethic with a bold aesthetic. Terri Fox is personable and friendly, and is respected by her peers.
Terri's attention to detail is exemplary- it is her delicate touches and choices that make her exhibitions so compelling.

Andy Coughlan, artist

Editor and Art Critic, ISSUE

Terri Fox's background in film combines with her experience in museums and other visual arts organizations to allow her an unparalleled ability to see a space and visualize how best to use it.   She has the rare ability to not only visualize the end result, but to know all the steps she needs to take to get there.  Terri's projects are efficiently organized, have a clear timeline and use whatever size budget she has to get the maximum visual impact, resulting in a fresh and exciting presentation. 

Sirena LaBurn, artist

I was not expecting anything so wonderful when I asked for a tour! We all enjoyed having you speak to us so much! I think we all learned a lot about the Navajo Exhibit but more importantly we learned about how the design side of things work. My students were very impressed and so was I! It was such a treat to get to go upstairs to see your office! Wow! I have never been upstairs! It was so great for my students to see a career in the arts and to hear how you got to where you are! I am so happy to see how successful you are with your career and your life! Congratulations on the wonderful job you are doing and thanks again for the tour! 

Lynn Clark,

Artist and Educator


I have known Terri for years.... I wish all of you could watch Terri Fox build a show. She has a gift for waking us up and showing us what this Art is really all about. She clarifies how we see it through her display choices and colors, and the stories it tells. The

end result is always magical.

It was Terri's addition of LED lighting to the Stark Museum through her diligent research and commitment to the end result that completely blew me away. What a change! To see these paintings and Art clearly and perfectly has spoiled me forever. 

Sharon Cozad

Artist, Educator and


While negotiating the details of a more complex exhibit... this one name kept surfacing within every subsequent conversation,

Terri Fox…

David Rogers, sculptor

Big Bugs Inc.

Terri Fox is that rare perfectly balanced right/left brain person.  She is a true artist, creative with enviable hand skills, organized and efficient.  Terri has a strong collaborative spirit and is a natural leader.  She keeps a positive attitude, helps each team member work to their personal strengths, and works as hard as anyone, leading by example and leaving everyone feeling good about their own contributions.  Working with Terri was always a pleasure and I would recommend her without reservation.

Angela Yvarra McGrew, Object Conservator,

San Francisco Bay Area

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